Superior North Volleyball Club’s 16U Girls Strike Gold at Ontario Championships

The Superior North Volleyball Club’s 16U Girls team recently made waves at the Ontario Championships, clinching the top spot in their division with an outstanding performance. Lead by coaches Sarah Gordon and Hannah Gingera, the team of 13 talented players showcased exceptional teamwork and determination throughout the tournament.

Coach Sarah Gordon expressed immense pride in the team’s achievements, stating, “The girls did an amazing job this weekend and took our pool by storm. We are very proud of their performance and accomplishments on and off the court!” This sentiment was echoed by coach Hannah Gingera, highlighting the team’s exemplary efforts and sportsmanship.

Team captains Morgann D and Sofia reflected on the season’s journey, emphasising the blend of hard work, dedication, and positivity that propelled them to victory. Morgann remarked, “This weekend we saw a combination of our team’s season of hard work, dedication and teamwork come together to win gold in the 5th division. The team was and is incredibly positive and uplifting, and as a result we played many great games of volleyball together!!”

Sofia added, “Over the course of the season the team came together to be gold medalists in the 5th division. Whether we were on or off the court the positivity was outstanding, cheering on our teammates and helping everyone shake off mistakes. By putting our skills together and having good mindsets, this made us stronger. Overall, our team bonded so much, allowing us to be successful this past weekend. I’m excited to see where the next couple of years take us.”

Their journey culminated in a resounding victory, claiming 1st place in division 5, tier 1. The girls’ remarkable unity and unwavering support for each other both on and off the court undoubtedly played a pivotal role in their success.

The Superior North Volleyball Club community joins in celebrating this momentous achievement and looks forward to the promising future of these talented athletes. With such passion and dedication, the sky is truly the limit for this exceptional team.