Frequently Asked Questions

SNVC follows Volleyball Canada’s age category requirements. Each year these categories are updated and can be found HERE.

SNVCs club season starts in the fall of each year and the exact start date is dependent on various factors, such as, gym permit approvals and coach availability. Typically, we aim to start in late October. The season is complete at the end of April or when a team’s final tournament is attended in April. There are occurrences where a team may compete in early May depending on tournament dates.

Fees depend on which program an athlete is attending. For development athletes, fees include clothing, administrative fees, insurance, coach honorariums. For competitive athlete’s additional fees would be calculated based on which tournaments they are attending and travel and accommodation costs.

No problem. We have development programs for almost every age category. Our development programs include athletes that have never played volleyball before, as well as some that want to continue to improve their skills but do not want to play competitively.

We do not discourage parents/guardians from watching practices. Some of our coaches prefer that there are no spectators during some practices, however, you can ask that question to the athletes coach at the parent meeting at the beginning of the season.

Playing time in our competitive programs will vary depending on the age category of the team. Younger teams typically use fair play models. While our older competitive teams may not. Usually 16U-18U age groups do not use an equal playing time model for various reasons. For example, some positions transition in and out of the game (liberos) and other times an athlete’s position on a team may be serving specialist and they may be subbed in for an athlete to serve and play until a side out occurs. Our coaches are trained to provide an experience for each athlete that is much more than just the time they are played in a game. It is important to remember that, in a competitive atmosphere, each athlete has a job, whether it is on or off of the court during games.

Athletes will require a pair of indoor, non-marking, court shoes. Knee pads are recommended but not required. Comfortable clothes such as leggings, shorts, volleyball tights, t-shirt, are recommended. A water bottle is important to bring as some of the gyms we practice in may not have a water fountain.

Yes!!! We are always looking for volunteers to help with various tasks. You can email
SNVCpvdirector@gmail.com for more information on volunteer opportunities.