Superior North 15U Girls Shine at Minnesota Freeze Volleyball Tournament14U Girls Bring Home Gold!

The Superior North Volleyball Club (SNVC) 15U Girls showcased their skills and camaraderie at the recent tournament held on January 19 and 20 in Duluth Minnesota. With 11 out of the 12 girls on the team in attendance, the tournament was an opportunity for them to test their abilities on the court and bond as a team off the court.

Led by team captains Pawnay Winning and Serena Warren, the 1U5 Girls displayed a promising performance throughout the tournament. Reflecting on their experience, Pawnay expressed her satisfaction with the team’s debut, emphasising the growth both on and off the court. “I think that our first tournament went very well and that it was a great experience for all of us on and off the court,” Pawnay remarked.

Serena echoed Pawnay’s sentiments, highlighting the team’s progression and growing confidence as the tournament unfolded. “I think we did pretty well figuring as it was our first tournament… Overall it was a great tournament and I’m positive our next one will be even better!” Serena exclaimed.

The coaches, John and Deena Curtis, commended the team’s adaptability and perseverance, during the matches. They praised the players for their hustle, celebration of successes, and mutual support during challenging moments. “We are very proud of the team’s adaptability, perseverance, and tenacity on the court,” the coaches stated. “We can’t wait to continue this journey and build from this experience.”

Some notable highlights from the tournament included impressive blocks from the middle players, overcoming initial service jitters to secure aces, and delivering exceptional passes despite facing formidable opponents. Winning the Bronze Diviso medal.

As the SNVC U15 Girls look ahead to future competitions, they do so with confidence and enthusiasm, fueled by the lessons learned and the bonds forged during their memorable tournament experience. With their potential and chemistry on display, the team is poised for continued success in the exciting journey that lies ahead.

May this success serve as motivation for continued growth and success in future endeavors. The 14U Giants have undoubtedly left a mark on the MN Head of Lakes Tournament, and their accomplishment is a source of pride for all those associated with the team. Congratulations once again on a great season and a well-earned 1st place finish in the Silver Division!