14U Girls Bring Home Gold!

Congratulations to the 14U Giants on their outstanding achievement! Finishing in 1st place in the Silver Division at the MN Head of Lakes Tournament in Duluth, MN, is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and skill of the team.

The players and coaching staff have clearly demonstrated their commitment to excellence throughout the season, and it’s fantastic to see their efforts culminate in a well-deserved victory. The Silver Division championship is a significant accomplishment, showcasing the team’s talent and competitive spirit.

This achievement not only reflects positively on the players but also on the entire community that supports the 14U Giants. It’s a moment to celebrate the collective efforts of everyone involved, from the coaches and players to the families and fans who have cheered them on.

Down 10-3 in the 3rd set this group came together in a way not many teams can do.  They learned on strong service, fought to keep balls in play and looked to each other to get their jobs done, trusting their teammates to be in all the right spots.  They took the final set 15-12 to win the hardware. 

Though the final 6 on the court won this match, this was a win by 14 girls that trained hard all season and pushed each other to be better every practice/every game.  The girls peaked at the right moment and achieved the team goal for the season. 

May this success serve as motivation for continued growth and success in future endeavors. The 14U Giants have undoubtedly left a mark on the MN Head of Lakes Tournament, and their accomplishment is a source of pride for all those associated with the team. Congratulations once again on a great season and a well-earned 1st place finish in the Silver Division!